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When thinking about those things in life for which I am thankful, sometimes the most obvious are the things most overlooked.  For instance, water.  For those of us who have running hot and cold water in our homes, or bottled water within arm’s reach, or lakes and rivers and pools to play in, it is easy to take water for granted.  Years ago I had the privilege of spending a few weeks in Nicaragua where water was in short supply.  I was amazed at the many ways the Nicaraguan people found to conserve water.  From washing clothes to taking showers to cooking, every activity that involved water was thought out.  No one wasted water the way we do here in the US.  I forget the lessons I learned in this small, Central American country, but when I think of water and gratitude, I am humbled because I remember Nica and I know how much we take this essential life-sustaining resource for granted.  I am most grateful for water.


  1. Water is one of the greatest treasures to enjoying a simple life. I am thankful that it flows in my life. Thanks for sharing.

  2. Cecelia, this picture looks wonderful! I agree that we should not take water for granted as it is vital in life itself.

  3. What a beautiful setting! It is so clear!

    • Thank you. This was taken last summer at one of my favorite gardens. . . in Maryland.

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